Marine collagen - Food supplement

• 100% pure without additives
• bio-active (high biologic availability)
• keeps the triple helix structure (typical for proteins of living organisms)
• processed by the latest technology - hydrolysis
• powder-based, easily soluble in liquids

Helissa has an advantageous form as the powder can be solved in fluids and drunk easily.

Content 1 bag:
3 g collagen hydrolysate

Product composition:
fish collagen hydrolysate

Composition 1 bag (3 g):
Collagen type I: 80.0 %
Collagen type II: 19.5 %
Collagen type III: 0.5 %

Recommended dosage:
1 bag (3 g) once a day. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Solve the content of one bag (3 g) in 200 – 300 ml potable water, fruit juice, milk or other beverages and drink. When dissolving, put the powder into a dry vessel and fill it with the beverage.

This food supplement does not serve as a substitute of a healthy diet. It is not suitable for children and pregnant women. Store out of the reach of children! Store in a dry and dark place at a temperature range of +4 to +25°C, protect from humidity, direct sunlight and heat radiation.

Package content: 90 g (30 bags)