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Collagen Types

At present, we know at least 27 different collagen types.

Collagen type I is the most prevalent collagen and can be found e.g. in the skin, in tendons and bones. It represents 90 % of the collagens of human and generally animal bodies. It is often used in cosmetics. It stimulates production of own collagen in the human body and acts simultaneously as a building element it its synthesis.

Collagen type II is mostly located in cartilage.

Collagen type III can be found in the skin, in muscles and bones together with type I. It differs from type I due to its high amount of proteoglykanes and glycoproteins.

Collagen type IV is the collagen of basal membranes of epithelium cells. It forms neither fibriles, nor fibres and it participates in the net structures of the body. It includes little arginine.

Collagen type V can be found in interstitial spaces between muscle cells and on the edges of tissues and scars. It complements collagen type I.

The collagens I and II form the major structural element of the locomotive system.

Helissa contains types I, II and III.