Complete - Beauty

Collagen content of the skin decreases yearly by 1.5 % after the 25th year of life and its synthesis stops after the 40th year. Thus, its replenishing is necessary and suitable for keeping a healthier and more elastic skin without wrinkles. The collagen decrease is accompanied by generation of wrinkles and cellulitis, the skin gets dry, nail and hair shine vanishes and the unavoidable aging process starts.

How collagen affects the beauty:


• dry wrinkles, wrinkles, faded and sagging skin, signs of aging, broken veins, reddened skin
• burns, frostbite, dry skin, acne, chapped lips, scars, eczema, blackheads – comedones, pigment spots

Hair and Nails
• hair growth, hair loss, nail care, hard and brittle nails, poor quality hair, fragile and thin nails